Frost-Proof Lawn Faucets in Muskego

Frost-Proof Lawn Faucet Services in Muskego

If you’ve ever had an outdoor faucet freeze, you know what a nightmare it can be, especially if the pipe that’s feeding it bursts. And, once your lawn faucet is frozen, there is little that you can do to thaw it out until the weather gets warm. What you can do, however, is prevent it from freezing in the first place by having frost-proof lawn faucets installed.

Frost-proof faucets (also called freeze-proof faucets) are specially designed to prevent water from getting trapped inside the faucet, which prevents it from being frozen there. And, a good plumber can replace your lawn faucets with frost-proof ones in no time at all.

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If you need your lawn faucets repaired or replaced, call professional plumber Dave Burns today at 262-679-1001. He offers frost-proof lawn faucet installation and replacement services in Muskego and throughout the area. Contact us today to learn more!

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