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Milwaukee Sump Pumps

Sump Pump Installation & Repair Services

Depending on where you live, having a properly working sump pump may be just as important to you as having a working toilet or sink. In fact, with Wisconsin’s sporadic thunderstorms and Milwaukee’s history of flash flooding, replacing a broken sump pump & sump pump installation may even be more important to you than those.

Sump Pump Services

Many homeowners don’t know what a sump pump is or if their home even has one. If your home sits in an area that is prone to flooding or if you’re close to a body of water (such as a river, lake or large pond), your home likely has a sump pump that was installed to remove water that accumulates in a basin. This water removal is designed to protect your home from basement flooding and water damage when water accumulates around the foundation of your home.

Any of the following could signal that your sump pump needs repair or inspection: it’s suddenly noisy or makes rattling sounds; it keeps turning on and off; it doesn’t turn on when it should; or it seems to run for a very long time.

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If you’re not sure if your sump pump is working properly, contact us today at 262-679-1001 to schedule an inspection or installation. We offer professional sump pump services in Milwaukee and throughout the area.

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