Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Time to replace old plumbing fixtures? Instead of heading to your local big-box store, buy showroom fixtures through us. Many homeowners are confused about the difference between the two options and assume that big box stores offer the best value. However, we believe showroom fixtures are generally the best way to go. We’ve put together some information to help you understand why.

Why Not Buy Fixtures from Big Box Stores?

Our main concern with buying plumbing fixtures from box stores or worse yet online is the compromise in quality and durability. While fixtures from these stores may be cheaper upfront, they will likely cost you more money in the long run. This is because big-box fixtures tend to be “builder or hardware store grade”, which means they are fairly low in quality. Box store grade fixtures and considered “disposable” wear out quickly and often need to be repaired or replaced after only a few years. Also, no labor warranty is provided with purchasing on your own and not through a Plumber who does stand behind our “professional grade” faucets and fixtures.
What Makes Showroom Fixtures Better?

Buying toilets, tubs, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures from a trusted showroom supplier ensures better quality, greater convenience, and safer investment. Showroom fixtures are made with top-shelf parts and materials that can be trusted to perform better and last longer. When you buy from our showroom partners, we will take care of the ordering, delivering, and installing your fixtures for you. We will also carry the warranty, meaning we will repair the fixture at no charge. For these reasons, showroom fixtures typically cost more than big-box fixtures, but they are a much better long-term investment.

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule an appointment with one of our local showroom partners: Ferguson Destination Showroom @ 13300 W. Capitol Drive Brookfield, WI. Please call 262-781-9048 to make an apt. Tell them you are working with Dave Burns Plumbing. No matter what type or brand you choose, be sure to have your fixtures installed by a licensed plumbing professional. This will help protect your investment and ensure the best performance quality. At Dave Burns Plumbing Inc, we are experts in quality fixture installation. Our experienced plumbers will make sure that your new showroom fixtures are up and running in no time.
Have any questions? Need help choosing the best showroom fixtures for your home and your budget? Call our office at 262-679-1001. We’d love to hear from you!

Plumbing Showrooms Are Convenient

When you choose to shop at a plumbing showroom in coordination with Dave Burns Plumbing, you will get the convenience of an all-in-one experience. In other words, we will coordinate your desired purchase, installation, and any future repairs.

When you shop at our City Lights / Ferguson Destination plumbing showroom, you will let them know that you are a Dave Burns customer, and they will communicate your selections to us for planning installations. Learn more about the simple steps for shopping at our plumbing showroom.

Visit Our Plumbing Showroom

If you are ready to talk about plumbing fixture upgrades, give us a call! We will walk you through the plumbing showroom shopping process and make each step as easy as can be. Learn more about Dave Burns’ plumbing showroom here.